Saturday, July 14, 2012

Back in the USA!!

As my daughter's said "You survived an 18 hour plane ride on Friday the 13th! Congratulations and welcome home."

5 movies and 3 really bad airline meals later, we are home. Mama San and Chia were waiting at JFK airport for us at 3 pm. Since it is 12 hours earlier here, we didn't have to re-set our watches! We tried to not sleep on the plane so we could just go to bed at a regular time and just wake up on time. So far, so good!! It's great to see my family and friends here and our garden and plants are still alive thanks to a team effort!!

Thanks again to all the wonderful family and friends of Chuni and Chia who were so welcoming in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Your hospitality and generosity were amazing and very much appreciated. My regular email is Please keep in touch and be sure to let me know if you are coming this way so I can repay some of your hospitality!

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