Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Post Script Jersey Shore Payback

Treating Chuni and (mostly) Chia to lobster, steamers and shrimp at the Parker House in Sea Girt. I will say my man Chia knows how to eat the whole carcass of a lobster like an ear of corn. He is my idol and I will never waste any part of the lobster again!

I am enjoying a nice email correspondence with Brother Simon from the Trappist Monastery on Lantau Island and settling nicely back into a hot, but bearable summer back home.


  1. Many thanks Colleen and Greg! There are no better ways of enjoying lobsters than using bare hands and teeth.
    My theory is that lobsters are godsent and the devil put in some cholestrol to stop God from winning over all the people!
    Please let us know if you see the dolphins again.
    Enjoy the summer,

  2. oooh, taiwan seems fun~~


  3. ohhh my god YUM YUM YUM. i live in seattle and seafood is so stinkin expensive- im drooling after these photos haha

    xo marlen
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