Thursday, July 12, 2012

Goodbye Taiwan

Yesterday was our last full day in Taiwan. GooGoo took Michael to buy the mechanical pencils and lead he can't get in the US (.3)? Then they joined Margaret for the famous steamed buns and mango shaved ice.

I stayed home with GooGoo and Gooling to organize my stuff and pack, though I was relatively certain Chuni would repack me!!

It has been really hot in Taipei-38c, which I'm guessing is around 100f, though no one seems confident on the conversion, not even the physicists we've met. Chia, want to make a stab at it? Michael and Chuni were happy to come home to AC and watch a movie made in Taipei about high schoolers in love. It made Michael wish he could go to HS here as well as in a bunch of other countries in addition to US. He must've had a wonderful HS
experience to want to relive it in different ways!

In the early evening GooGoo and Cheng-Nan took us on beautiful ride up to Yangming Mountain. We saw Taipei from a distance as the sun went down. We went to dinner right in the park and tried new dishes like sautéed fern shoots and sweet potato leaves. Very good, and as everything else here, good for you!!

I went to bed early as we were leaving for the airport at 6 a.m. GooGoo and Cheng-Yan drove us. En route, Chia called to wake us up! With one little glitch of being at the wrong terminal first, then running to repack the car with the 6 bags and rush to the correct one! At least Chuni got to claim her VAT refund for her millions of shoes.

We took pix from the plane as Taiwan disappeared from sight. Now we are on a quick layover at Narita outside if Tokyo.

What an amazing trip- the perfect blend of sightseeing, friends and family. Chuni says I could write an exposé with all the information I now have on her...hmmmm. I was watching the Joy Luck Club on the plane. Maybe a screenplay for a movie???

Xie xie to Chuni, Michael and Chia for allowing me into this wonderful world if yours. I will treasure these memories forever!!!!


  1. See you soon!
    Did Chuni pack the milk cookies from Fr. Kao?

  2. Hi Colleen,
    It was 38C x (9/5) + 32 = 100.4 F. I think it is the humidity that makes it really uncomfortable.
    Thank you for the blogs that have kept me close to Chuni and Michael, and all the relatives and friends that they met.
    Welcome home and see you in a few hours.

  3. Hi mom,
    I of course cannot be excited to actually SEE you upon your actual return home, but I sure can be excited to get all of my exotic treats! But remember, Cozumel in T minus 1 month, so not TOO much mochi ;)
    My favorite pictures out of these are the dusk pictures from the top of the mountain, such a pretty glow looking out over the city! You and dad should call from the car when you arrive!