Thursday, June 21, 2012

Positive brings positive!

Ok. Me having a blog could be dangerous...This is about my soon-to-be Taiwan adventure and I really should be packing, but I just have to share an interesting opportunity that came my way. I really do believe positive energy attracts positive outcomes and when you float your ideas out there, the Universe steps in to help you achieve them. (Like Chuni calling me in Minnesota to invite me on this trip...)We live in a darling little historic Jersey Shore community that started as a Methodist Camp Meeting tent community. 114 tents still exist and people pass them on from generation to generation. It has always been on my "bucket list" to stay overnight in one and last night I did!! My new neighbors in-laws have one but they won't be in it until the 4th of July. When my neighbor heard this was a "bucket list" item, she insisted I use it!! I had one available night before I leave and, of course, said yes! We happen to be in a near 100 degree heat wave, so hubby and my darling 89 year old neighbor, Dot, passed on the sleepover opportunity. Go figure. (I really do find it is best to do bucket list items alone to truly appreciate them to the fullest. That's why I went to see the Dalai Lama at Rutgers by myself a few years ago.) My night in the tent was perfect!!! When Hannah shows me how to import pix from my iPhone, I'll share! This blog will be pretty boring if I don't learn how to do that! I will include other pix of this little town. Hard to leave during the summer (there are swan boat rides and ice cream and free music all over)! But Taiwan beckons...

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