Monday, June 25, 2012

Tripping in Taiwan!

Yesterday was the first day of our 5 day bus tour of Taiwan. It is fantastic. Where do I begin? I asked Chuni (who did get up at 4 a.m. again to be productive) what to title the blog today. She said, "Day 2". I see I am on my own in this area...I chose "Tripping in Taiwan" since we are on a bus trip and we are surrounded by Beetlenut trees. Beetlenuts are chewed as stimulants and I have told my travel partners that we should try it today. Chuni says good ladies stay away from the Beetlenut stands so we pretty much have to go. Michael, too, as he is starting college in the fall and has to exposed to certain things beforehand.
Yesterday we started down the west side of Taiwan and stopped in a small aboriginal village. There are only 600 of the Shao people left. We sampled all the local favorites like mountain boar, sugar cane juice, bean curd sandwich with basil, peanut butter and pork powders. (I am trying to see if I can stay within my usual practice of no wheat. dairy or sugar. Sugar will be tough as Chuni is constantly pushing some sweet delectable tidbit in my face.)
We saw the pagoda Chiang Kai Shek built for his mother near Sun Moon Lake, where we stayed at the Hotel Fleur de Chine. Gorgeous. My battery is dying on my iPhone, so will post a few pix and be back later! Hi to Chuni's family who are now following this. Gulp. Pressure...
I'm back. It is 12 hours later here. It is nearly 10 pm and at 10 I will be kicked out of the business center in the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel in Southern Taiwan. No Internet in the room so will have to come back in the morning. This tour is amazing. Despite the sultry weather (98 and high humidity), we are enjoying everything. I am putting a link to our tour because it is too much to blog! The link to 5 day tour is on the bottom left of site!

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