Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tripping in Taiwan Part 2

We started today by walking partially around Sun Moon Lake to walk off the great Chinese dinner we had at the hotel the night before. I let Chuni and Michael order. We get some kind of spicy noodles in broth with vegetables and other yummy things. I finish it and Chuni says I'm brave for eating cow Fallopian tubes and Michael said even he doesn't care for the pig's blood pudding in there. They are not kidding. So what? It really did taste good. We have the best spinach in stinky bean curd sauce, too.
When we return from our walk we have a fantastic buffet breakfast. I don't touch anything I could get at home. I load my plate with bamboo shoots, whole water chestnuts, water cress, 1000 year egg, baby corn still in husks and many other things. And a cappacinno. Yum.
As our bus pulled out of the driveway, the staff stands outside and waves until we can't see them anymore, just like we do in Minnesota!
We go to the huge Buddha Memorial Center and Monastery. We saw thousands and thousands of Buddhas and get a tour from the sweetest Buddhist master. She even sings for us.
Taiwan is beautiful. The narrowest width of California is the total length of Taiwan. It is quite mountainous with lush greenery all over. It is VERY hot and humid. I know why Chuni said to bring a parasol and handkerchiefs. We need them and use them.
We end our tour day at the "night market" which is like a flea market with mostly food vendors. Michael started with chicken butts while Chuni and I split a mango snowflake as we worked our way down the street...


  1. Looks so cool! My favorite picture is the first one with the pastel covered desserts that look like some sort of Mochi! Yum!

    The bus tour site looks amazing! I wish you were uploading your pictures in larger format though, it is hard to see them. I can't resize them from here for you without them getting blurry and losing their resolution. Dad days hi!
    xo Han

  2. You have to try the BBQ chicken butts. In the old time, we could afford chicken on the table only on special occasions like the New Year's Eve. And only the patriarch of the family got to have the butts since every chicken had only one.